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Newborn Photography Maryland | Frederick Maryland Photographer | Baby boy BodhiNewborn Photography Maryland | Frederick Maryland Photographer | Baby boy BodhiNewborn photos in Frederick, Maryland, Faith Kelchaw Photography, baby boy newborn photos, Newborn Photography Maryland Why newborn photography?

I've always loved babies, but I think I've fallen more in love with them since my newborn photography journey began. There is something magical about those first few days of life... You're completely smitten with this new, tiny little human, and they've already taken up such a huge place in your hearts. Truly, they are only this little for a small time, and the images from a newborn session will become some of your most coveted and valuable memories to cherish. Someday, when your child takes their first steps, rides their first bicycle, turns 16, goes off to college, or gets married, these are the images you'll look back on and wonder where the time went... This is your happily ever after, an imperfectly-perfect moment in time that will forever stand still.

Faith Kelchaw Photography FAQs - What to Expect:

- Upon purchasing Groupon Deal, you *must* email me immediately at to begin the planning of your session. It is very important that we do this in advance and you are informed about the process. Sessions cannot take place if the planning has not been completed, or if the baby is outside of the 5-12 day timeframe listed in the below point.

- Newborn sessions will always take place within the first 5-12 days of baby's life. This is super important because it allows me to pose baby in those sleepy, curly poses that are associated with newborn photography. After those first 12 days, it gets increasingly more difficult to achieve these poses comfortably. Once baby arrives, please contact me *within 48 hours* at to schedule your session.

- Your session will be approximately 2-4 hours, and will include parents and siblings, if you wish. Each baby is different, so the time it takes to complete your session will vary. Please bring entertainment for other children, or have a friend or family member pick baby's siblings up after they are photographed so you can relax and enjoy the experience :)

- Sessions are held on weekdays only, in my home studio in Frederick, Maryland. They are always held between the hours of 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

- Please plan to feed baby a full feeding once you arrive. Keeping baby awake for 1-2 hours before your session can be very helpful as well. They'll be ready for a nice, long nap once they arrive then.

- My studio gets HOT, to help baby get cozy and sleepy - dress in layers so that you can remove one if you become overheated.

- Dress in neutral colors. No stripes or patterns. This will help to keep your images classic, timeless, and keep the focus on baby without distracting patterns.

- Although there is no pressure to invest in any art beyond your included (two) 4x6 prints, clients love their images and typically choose to invest beyond that. Digital images collections start at $650, and most of my clients will invest at that price range and above.

- Turnaround time is approximately three weeks from your session date. After your newborn session, we will schedule your Reveal date. The Reveal is a fun and special way to celebrate your baby's life once again. You come back to my studio and get to see your images for the first time displayed in a beautiful slideshow, and you'll fall in love all over again with baby! This is when you will order your art - digitals, prints, canvases, or albums, should you choose to invest beyond the two included 4x6 images.

- If you have any more questions, please feel free to email

- Thank you so much! I am really looking forward to meeting you and capturing this special time in your life :)